MacMagic(tm) includes a powerful and innovative contextual menu. Unlike the contextual menus used by other programs, MacMagic's contextual menu is instantly and easily available to you no matter what program you are working in, and it does not interfere with the contextual menus that are in other programs.

Some of the contextual menu's other innovations include the ability to drag it to any location on your display and the ability to move your cursor off of it and have it remain on your screen. (Once MacMagic's contextual menu is displayed, there's no need to continue to hold down the button on your mouse or a key on your keyboard.) You also have the option of keeping the CM displayed when you need to use it for multiple operations, and the CM will accept dropped text, pictures, and graphics for instantly either saving or printing them.

 Even when MacMagic is set to be used as an invisible background application, MacMagic's Option-Control-m shortcut will bring up MacMagic's contextual menu.



MacMagic's new and very compact Drawer display mode (the above image is a full- sized image) provides another way of accessing all of MacMagic's tools. Placing your cursor over the bottom of the drawer automatically expands the draw, and all of the tools for printing and saving your selected data also support drag-and-drop.



MacMagic's Full Display mode is very ease to use: just select the text or image you want to save or print (in virtually any application), and then click once on the MacMagic button that performs your desired function. (All the Print and Save buttons also accept dragged and dropped text, pictures, and graphics.) You also have the option of hiding MacMagic and using customizable keyboard shortcuts to access MacMagic's most powerful functions.

Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop your selections (or a clipping file) onto MacMagic's small printer icon and MacMagic then instantly will print your text/image/clipping file.

Using any of the buttons under the "Work With Active File" heading lets you work with any data you have saved. The View/Edit button opens your saved text and images in MacMagic's built-in text editor.

Clicking once on MacMagic's small printer icon turns MacMagic into a small Desktop Printer that supports drag-and-drop printing of your text selections, your image selections, and your clipping files!


The Tabbed Display offers an alternate way of accessing all of MacMagic's features, and it's very compact. Each tab of the Tabbed Display has its own Help button that focuses on the functions available under that tab.

All the buttons for printing and saving your selected data also support dragging and dropping of text, images, and clipping files.



One click of the View Your Files button (this then becomes the Hide Your Files button) gives you instant access to all of your files and folders along with tools for managing them.

The Create A... button lets you instantly create either files -- MacMagic also adds a system-wide keyboard shortcut to OS X for this function -- or folders without having to navigate Save or Save As dialog boxes no matter what program you are working in.


MacMagic also includes a small Desktop Printer! Clicking once on either icon takes you back to your previous MacMagic display mode.

Dragging and dropping a text selection or an image from any application (or a clipping file) onto the Desktop Printer instantly prints your data. Dragging and dropping either a text selection or an image from any application (or a clipping file) onto the WebSaver icon instantly saves your data.

If you Command-click any of MacMagic's printer icons (including the one on the Desktop Printer), the contents of the Clipboard instantly will be printed. If you Command-click the WebSaver icon, the contents of the Clipboard instantly will be saved to the active MacMagic file (even when the file is closed).

You can use the Title Bar to drag the Desktop Printer to any location on your Desktop.

MacMagic's default Option-Control-p keyboard shortcut for printing and Option-Control-s keyboard shortcut for saving (these can be turned on/off and customozed in MacMagic's preferences) also work when using MacMagic as a Desktop Printer and when you make MacMagic invisible!


MacMagic provides you with many ways to customize its appearance and behavior to match the way you prefer to work.


MacMagic's Tools menu provides you with additional powerful tools for printing and for saving anything and everything -- even if it can't normally be selected, printed, or saved (the tools even work with PDF files)!

And these tools are incredibly easy to use; just pick the tool from the menu and then use your cursor to select the material you want to print or save. MacMagic 2.0 adds the ability to access these tools via your own customizable keyboard shortcuts.

The Print It! and Save It! tools include additional features, and the built-in Help system provides you with the details.


MacMagic's files automatically open up in MacMagic's powerful text editor. Among the many features included in the editor are the ability to use (and create) multiple highlight colors and multiple text colors. The editor also includes multiple levels of undo/redo, multiple printing options, and much more!

Additionally, the contents of the active MacMagic file can easily and quickly be transferred to most other programs -- even when the file is closed!

To appreciate how easy MacMagic is to use, how versatile it is, and how much easier and more productive it makes the time you spend on your computer, you really need to give it a try! Download the free demo

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