Powerful Protection For Your Mac
by Steve Becker

If you own a computer, you definitely should be concerned about protecting it from problems that can be created by your local power utility. In fact, an irregular power supply and/or electrical surges can seriously damage -- even destroy -- your computer equipment! Additionally, electrical "noise" that is generated by electronic devices on or near your property can also interfere with your computer's operation.

Unfortunately, the "$10 special" surge protector/power strip many people buy at their local hardware stores usually offers their equipment no protection against either electrical interference or power-supply irregularities. For a surge protector to be effective, it must be carefully designed and be able to respond fast enough (literally measured in millionths of a second) to block a power surge from reaching your equipment.

Fortunately, good surge protectors are available from several companies, and they aren't expensive! Better yet, you should consider getting a UPS (Uninterruptale Power Supply).

When your computer shuts down improperly, such as when there is a power outage, any unsaved work is lost and there is always a risk of files on your computer becoming corrupted. A good UPS includes surge protection and a filter to protect against electrical noise, but it also includes a backup power supply that consists of one or more rechargeable batteries.

By using a UPS, you eliminate the risk of having your computer crash due to a momentary power outage. In fact, some models also include the ability to run your computer and some peripheral equipment for an hour or more -- generally, the more expensive the UPS, the more runtime it provides.

If you live in an area that frequently suffers from brownouts, consider getting a UPS that includes AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). A UPS with AVR has the ability to automatically compensate for irregular line voltage, thus protecting your equipment from the electrical "stress" a brownout can impose on it. Here are the URLs for three companies that sell both surge protectors and Uninterruptale Power Supplies.




Panamax is a company that specializes in surge protectors.


When you consider the value in equipment and time that your computer system represents, a good surge protector or UPS represents a relatively inexpensive and wise investment!

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